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Investing in Real Estate?

You’ve come to the right place. Real estate is the original form of investment. Throughout history it has served as a primary means of attaining affluence. It comes second only to being born into wealth, and even that likely started with a home on a great plot of property. Today, real estate investment remains as one of the top four asset classes.

It starts with that first property. You need to buy-in, but before you do, you need to define your goals. Are you seeking an immediate return on your investment (ROI)? Are you hoping for a consistent revenue stream? Are you looking to build your equity while taking up residence in the property? These are the main questions and Baker Hellyer Realty Group is here to help.

Baker Hellyer Realty Group
Buy & Hold

This is a long term investment that is appealing to households and pure investors alike. As a household, it allows you to take up residence while building your equity as the property appreciates in value. You can borrow against this equity to capitalize on other investment opportunities and diversity your portfolio, or you watch the property value appreciate until you are ready to sell, earn a profit, and upgrade to another home.

Buy & Flip

This is a shorter term investment where you buy a property and look to put it back on the market as soon as possible at a price that exceeds your purchase price. The concept applies to two main scenarios. For one, you can buy a fixer-upper and flip it when fixed. This appeals to those with general contractor connections, or a knack for the work itself. When complete, you put the newly renovated home on the market at a price that exceeds the purchase and cost of renovations.

Baker Hellyer Realty Group
Baker Hellyer Realty Group
A BRRRR Strategy

Combining the strategies of buy and hold with flipping for profit. 

  • B – Buy
  • R – Renovate
  • R – Rent
  • R – Refinance
  • R – Repeat

This is the perfect strategy for someone who is limited in terms of down payment capital, wants to build a portfolio of property, but also wants to put their design and reno skills to good use and create sweat equity in their properties. 

Residential Rentals

This investment strategy delivers a revenue stream as soon as the property is rented. Optimal cash flow is created when the monthly rental income exceeds the monthly mortgage and maintenance expenses. When occupancy rates are favorable the monthly revenue can be extremely lucrative when compared to traditional rental properties. For residential rental investments, long term wealth is created through appreciation of the property, with tenants paying down the mortgage, and through tax advantages.

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